The Authors & Developers of the Icehouse

Keith Missildine, a native of Glynn County, was raised in Atlanta and educated at Georgia Southern University. After college, Keith made a small start up restoration business in Atlanta, which grew to be very successful through the 20 Year endeavor. Being married and a father of two young children, he was drawn back to his hometown roots for a different pace with family quality as the driver. Being a shooting sports enthusiast, Keith worked for several years as an instructor at the Sea Island Sporting Clays Range with his world renowned Uncle, Fred Missildine, holder of 38 world championship titles.

As a student of Georgia history, he was fascinated with the old ice house building. He’d heard many stories of his father Thomas, Jr., who grew up just blocks from the ice and coal plant. He and his friends would sneak ice chips that were left over from the huge blocks to be delivered. His grandfather, Thomas Sr. said the 1920 Glynn Ice Company played a vital role for the people of that era by providing ice for the boxes and coal to heat our homes. Also, in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, the structure alone loomed massive and was unmatched by any other in the area

Unfortunately, the old building was condemned and scheduled for demolition by the City of Brunswick. Keith presented a plan to the city fathers whereby he would purchase and restore the old structure. His persistence and passion were rewarded and the City Council agreed to the plan and they are now very excited about its revitalization

Currently, twenty-five percent of the old plant has been renovated and occupied and there are plans to restore the remainder as well. In a labor of love, the 400 year old heart pine and cypress beams have been retrieved from the structure and salvaged for a variety of wood products to sell to other lovers of history.

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Kathie Akins, long time personal friend of the Missildine family has played an intimate part in the research and development of this endeavor. Kathie feels just as strongly about the preservation of this property and sharing its treasures as the developer. She warmly receives the many calls and correspondence for the project'.

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