Fundraising Projects & Events
St. Mark's Episcopal Church

with special guests
Cricket Allen & Mayor Bryan Thompson
Cricket Allen Mayor Bryan Thompson

All proceeds went to the St Marks Habitat for Humanity Project
at the 1920 Glynn Ice Company bldg. @ MLK & George Street

Keith and Hunter Missildine

Keith and Hunter Missildine

Kathy Freidman, Will Smith, & Keith Missildine
Tom Missildine & Bill Stewart (both seated)

Cricket Allen Guest Singer

Crickett Allen has charmed audiences with her energy and enthusiasm as a singer/keyboardist for 40 years. She has professionally performed coast-to-coast throughout California, Las Vegas, Nashville, St. Simon's Island, Sea Island, cruise ships, and Europe. Crickett also has an extensive career teaching music to children and handicapped adults in the US and Europe. Her style includes blues, rock, 50's, 60's, shag, easy Cafe on Friday and Saturday nights. Crickett also works with a four and five piece band: Georgia Heat.

Band Members Bio

The Band

Lanny Grammer is one of the best known musicians in Glynn Co, and a well established drum instructor at City Music in Bwk. He was a founding member of both Rhythm Method and The Dirty Harry's and played for years as the drummer for the Sea Island Jazz trio. He is proficient in all musical styles and as while growing up in Macon did session work at the famous Capricorn studios, who recorded The Allman Brothers Band and Marshall Tucker along with many other Southern Rock groups.

Bill Spell is one of the outstanding guitarists and bass players locally and was lead guitarist for both Rhythm Method and The Dirty Harry's, a popular SE Ga. band from Bwk. Bill is proficient in all musical styles and may has the largest repertoire of any guitarist locally.
Ren Halverson
Joe Schmel hails from NY and was an accomplished jazz guitarist in his early teens. He become interested in blues/rock and by the age of 20 had written many songs that fused the jazz/blues styles, and which characterizes his fast, searing solos. Joe has been busy with bookings for dis duo and trio since moving to Brunswick and is well respected as a top guitarist in SE Ga.

Ren Halverson has played with several local bands locally and has over 40 years of experience as a guitarist. He enjoys playing blues rock music and is proficient as lead and slide stylist. He has played most recently with his cousin Nelson Norwood who is an acclaimed guitarist whose first CD was recorded with Double Trouble, the famed rhythm section for the late Stevie Ray Vaughn.

The band plays songs from artist including The Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton Stevie Ray, BB King ,Robert Johnson Muddy Waters, Santana to name a few. The music will be high energy. Classic Rock Songs From: Wings, Santana, Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones



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