Preserving a Lifetime History of the Icehouse

The old Ice House, located on George Street in Old Town Brunswick, was very important to the citizens of Glynn County in the early days. Founded in 1903, it provided ice for their non-electric ice boxes, and coal to heat their homes. The demand for ice in the mid-40's declined sharply with the advent of the electric refrigerator, and after that time, ice sales were mainly to the local commercial shrimping industry. By 1982 the market for ice and coal had diminished to the point that the plant was closed for good. Over the years the building fell into ruin leaving only the load bearing brick walls still standing. The building was condemned by the City of Brunswick and scheduled for demolition. Keith Missildine presented a plan to the city fathers to salvage and preserve the structure in 2001. Restoration began in 2002 and 30% of the building was occupied by Keith in 2003. In 2004 the restored residential portion of the building won first place on the Historic Tour of Homes and was given an Excellence in Preservation award from the Brunswick Preservation Association.

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